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The Many Names of Choose Your Own Adventure Style Books

The Choose Your Own Adventure genre of book traces its origins back to 1976 when Edward Packard published the “Adventures of You” series and its premier title “Sugarcane Island”. The “Adventures of You” series would eventually become the classic 1980s and 90s Choose Your Own Adventure book series which accounts for a large number of Pages of Peril podcast episodes.  This style of book was eventually named the “Gamebook” genre and dozens of publishers since have come up with their own Choose Your Own Adventure series names. Here are are few of the more popular ones:

    • Choose Your Own Adventure
    • Choose Your Path
    • Choose Your Own Super Adventure
    • Choose your Own First Adventure
    • Choose Your Own Path
    • Choose Your Own Path Interactive Mystery (Box Car Children)
    • Choose Your Own Destiny (Star Wars)
    • Choose Your Own Trail (Oregon Trail)
    • Choose Your Own Story
    • Choose Your Superpower
    • Create Your Own Quest
    • You are the Hero
    • You Choose
    • You Choose History
    • You Say Which Way
    • Reader Beware…You Choose the Scare (Goosebumps)
    • Pick Your Own Path
    • Select Your Own Choose-Venture (Gravity Falls)
    • Select Your Quest
    • Mysteries to Solve Yourself (Adventures in Odyssey)
    • Solve-Them-Yourself Mysteries
    • Escape from a Video Game
    • What Should Danny Do?

Aaron is co-host of the Pages of Peril podcast and the co-host of the popular Disneyland and Star Wars podcast Bobsleds & Banthas. He works in marketing and teaches college classes in digital content creation.

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