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Lookout! The Pages of Peril Podcast is on a not-so-secret mission to unearth the very best choose your own adventure style books while pitting the hosts against each other in a gamebook choose-off that will crown one of them, Champion Chooser.

Original Adventures

Original choose your own adventure style stories written by Pages of Peril and performed on episodes of the podcast.  Read along with the show or test your own wits with these online adventures.

The Blog of Peril

The Best Used Book Stores: Green Apple Books in San Francisco

Used book stores. One might say they're the thrift stores of literature. I would say that they're treasure troves of mystery and endless possibility (and also I would agree with the thrift store thing). Once you step inside a used book store, you never know what you might find. Maybe a cookbook that only has dessert…

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Educational Benefits of Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Gamebooks, like the Choose Your Own Adventure series, are seen by some as an activity for after your homework is done. Gamebooks are free reading books, fun books, books that you should read after your other real reading is done, right? I say, wrong. I take exception with the idea that verbose prose is real reading…

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The Secret of the Artist Who Illustrated the First Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Choose Your Own Adventure #1 is titled the Cave of Time and it was released by Bantam, not to be confused with the mini bagels Bantam Bites, in 1979.  The original cover illustration would become a hallmark of Choose Your Own Adventure books and the guiding light for the rest of the series.  The cover was…

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The Many Names of Choose Your Own Adventure Style Books

The Choose Your Own Adventure genre of book traces its origins back to 1976 when Edward Packard published the "Adventures of You" series and its premier title "Sugarcane Island". The "Adventures of You" series would eventually become the classic 1980s and 90s Choose Your Own Adventure book series which accounts for a large number of Pages…

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Gamebook Reviews

Choose Your Own Destiny : An Obi-Wan and Anakin Adventure

An Obi-Wan and Anakin Adventure features Anakin making poor choices one after another with no consequences and without much say from the reader. The choices in this book could use some improvement with being more balanced…

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The Abominable Snowman: Choose Your Own Adventure

This choose your own adventure book brings an updated cover to the classic choose your own adventure story by the same name. With many legal procedures to go through, The Abominable Snowman can drag on with some…

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Please Do Not Feed The Human: Decide-Your-Own-Destiny

Please Do Not Feed the Human is a modern take on classic choose your own adventure books. This book uses novel like writing , though some choices you make can lead to arbitrary outcomes. Please Do…

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Goosebumps: Escape From Camp Run-For-Your-Life

After your careless Uncle Eddy drops you off at Running Leaf, the "go-to" summer sports camp, you find this "camp for the cool" has some very uncool things going on. From blue scrambled egg fights, to…

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Escape From Minecraft: Pick your own quest

After drinking a potion on an exclusive Minecraft server, you black out, and find yourself trapped in Minecraft! Will you explore the blocky world, or try to find a way back into real life? The choice…

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Time Travel Inn

In this modern choose your own adventure book, you'll do lots of reading to uncover the secrets of your grandma's quickly forgotten disappearance. Begin your search or forget about her and focus on the motel business,…

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